Places To Eat In Phu Quoc

Places To Eat In Phu Quoc
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Phu Quoc seems designed with resort-dwellers in mind, so you're mostly expected to eat at your own hotel. You'll likely want to venture elsewhere at some point, if only to add a little variety to your diet. Prices are generally a bit higher than what you'll find on the mainland, though quality tends to be decent at most places.

For something cheap and local, head into Duong Dong, where market stalls and restaurants catering to locals sell pho and crispy banh xeo pancakes. In the evening the Duong Dong night market is worth a visit, especially for seafood lovers, although prices here have risen dramatically and it's turned into a bit of a tourist trap. For something a bit cheaper, head to Quan Com Nha Trang (143 Tran Hung Dao), which also has some of the cheapest beer in town.

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If you are in need of something non-Vietnamese, notable spots in town include Winstons Burgers &Bar (121 Tran Hung Dao), which serves the best burgers in town and is a great place to find an insider's scoop into the island, as well as Rory's Bar (118/10 Tran Hung Dao), which offers an inspired pan-Asian menu with burgers, pizzas and panini sandwiches – it's also a popular place for sun downers. If you are fancying a curry, Ganesh (97 Tran Hung Dao) is where you should head.

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A few resorts have restaurants worth mentioning specifically. Beach Club is well worth checking out, not only for their inexpensive menu, but for their welcoming atmosphere. Cassia Cottage has a creative menu, including cinnamon-infused okra and delicious ice cream. The menu is priced slightly higher than at the budget hotels, but it includes a few budget options.

Most mid-range resorts on Long beach have their own restaurants serving reasonably priced fare. Expect to pay around 60,000 to 80,000 VND for most mains. Even though the seafood is fresh and abundant, it's still relatively pricey, so expect to pay a bit more for it.

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Taking a day-trip to another beach should include sampling the food on a different part of the island. On Ong Lang beach, Mango Bay has a gorgeous seaside restaurant, and their menu is reasonably priced. They serve mostly Asian food, with a number of seafood grills and tangy Vietnamese salads. They're particularly good for desserts like house-made brownies and pancakes with dark chocolate. Chen Sea is also home to a high-end restaurant worth checking out.

On Bai Sao, Ai Xem serves reliably good seafood on one of Phu Quoc's most spectacular beaches. Their prices seem a little inflated, but the quality is excellent -- try the claypot fish or fried rice with crab. Place your order, then take a dip in the turquoise waters while you're waiting for your meal.

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