Foodie's Guide To Phu Quoc

Foodie's Guide To Phu Quoc
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Besides sightseeing, relaxing, and entertaining, one more interesting thing visitors really should enjoy in the beautiful Phu Quoc Island is trying delicious local dishes.

[caption id="attachment_189" align="aligncenter" width="516"]Myrtle wine Myrtle wine[/caption]

The first must-mention here is myrtle wine which is considered one of best Phu Quoc’s specialties for its unique taste. This kind of wine is made from forest myrtles mostly in the traditional manual manner. The wine is a beautiful transparent yellow, smells just like the forest myrtles, and tastes sweet and acrid. It assists digestion and cures aches and pains of the elderly.

[caption id="attachment_187" align="aligncenter" width="518"]Sea scallop Sea scallop[/caption]

In Phu Quoc Island, there is a special kind of sea scallop which is called “bien mai”. It is uniquely triangular, as big as an adult’s fist, and sticks deeply into the seabed. It lives in An Thoi water, at the southernmost tip of the island. It can be cooked in many different ways with different tastes such as scallops seasoned sour and sweet, steamed scallops, grilled scallops used with herbs and girdle cakes, etc. The scallops taste sweet and delicious, especially its tendons which are round, white and as big as a coin, lying between their two flesh layers. All dishes made from these rare and precious scallops are often used to treat visitors from other places.

[caption id="attachment_188" align="aligncenter" width="516"]Raw herring Raw herring[/caption]

Raw herring is another specialty of sea food in Phu Quoc which anyone visiting the island must try at least once. Herrings have greenish skins and small bones and taste very greasy. To make the fish edible without being cooked, it is filleted and sliced into thin pieces, and then it is cooked with lime juice, coconuts, some kinds of wild herbs, and peanut fish sauce. The interesting thing when making this dish is that the girdle cakes have to be made in Phu Quoc because they are not too tough or thin. To make the cakes easy to roll but not sticky when being wet, they dip them in coconut milk. The fat in coconut milk makes the cake softer but not sticky. When people enjoy the dish, the buttery taste and aroma of coconut increases its attractiveness.

Along the coastal territory, there are many different methods of making fish sauces. However, the most famous is still in Phu Quoc Island since the fish sauce here has a very high protein level, a fragrant sweet taste and the aroma of anchovies. Anchovies are seasoned with salt in a secret proper ratio, and then they are kept in wooden boxes for the fish disintegrating themselves. The longer it is kept, the more delicious the fish sauce is. The pure fish sauce in Phu Quoc Island has the dark color of roaches’ wings, transparent and the specific aroma because of the salty taste of salt and the greasily sweet taste of fish. The quality of the fish sauce is assessed through its smell when being cooked or used directly. The Phu Quoc’s fish sauce is a meaningful present for family after your interesting journey to the beautiful island.

[caption id="attachment_190" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mushroom Mushroom[/caption]

The mold is more in Phu Quoc and could mushroom or chicken soup boiled fish choose cleaners, barracuda fish meat to fried fish cooked with mushrooms members must know owls … delicious!

Cajuput mushrooms only grow after the first rains in the mangrove forest. The leaves and bark of the melaleuca tree fall into the class before the season began to turn into humus layer is developed for five hundred. Spawn was hatched in the soil humus layer, after the rainy season series, the size of a small round mushroom head finger started getting out from mangrove bark and leaves to protect it from last season. Cajuput mushrooms begins ro gradually over months and it lasts all season.

After one, two first rains, the people living by picking mushrooms have started to prepare to harvest mangrove fungi. Them into the woods, visiting the area to see where mold has started to develop, after a week of being able to place to harvest mushrooms. Often they take the whole family, picking oranges wood all day until the new baskets.

Mangrove forests left, carrying the bag mushrooms are picked, they had the level of nearby residents, share a few rolls and chicken are always available to borrow pots and kitchen. Boiled chicken cooked to medium, for a bunch of freshly picked mushrooms prepared in. Pot of chicken broth into soup not eat mushrooms found cravings. Both the crowd gathered to put salt pepper shredded chicken, chewing forget talking. But it is the most delicious cup of hot mushroom soup, the mushrooms are cooked to crispy mouth feel, foam, as seen more chewing bitter spreading of old messages. Drop pieces of fresh soup of mushroom flavor sluggishness and chicken, the mushrooms are now see clearly, but it sound bitter. This is the same bitterness that many food lovers stabbed five hundred. They eat mushrooms but do not drink water after meals to last sip tea table further description as to enjoy the flavor is made up of five hundred.

In Phu Quoc, five hundred are cooked with shrimp, squid is a popular dish, which to the season also. But if a little hard, clean fish or fish for barracuda meat to fried fish cooked with mushrooms, the new member is absolutely correct owls. When preparing food, boiling water in a saucepan beat the eggs as some western tea or green beans to eat duck eggs, eating this way is also an excellent taste of the dish and five hundred.

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