4 Dishes You Shouldn't Miss

4 Dishes You Shouldn't Miss
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Phu Quoc island has a lot of beautiful restaurants on the beach if you are in the mood for ambiance and romance. Tables are set up on the sand, so kick off your sandals and just jam your toes right into the ground. It's a good, freeing feeling. And there are 4 dishes that you shouldn't miss. Read on to check out.

Sardine mix

[caption id="attachment_267" align="aligncenter" width="522"]Sardine fish Sardine fish[/caption]

Sardine is sliced into thin layers, served raw with vegetables and a special kind of sauce made from peanuts. The taste might be too strong for first-timers, as the sauce is imbued with original fish sauce. However, eventually, the sweetness of the sardine will emerge and moderate this saltiness. Beside, the peanuts give the dish an inviting creaminess that compensates for the plainness of veggies. All in all, these components make a perfect combination that may stun you and keeps you yearning for more.

Thorn balls

A hard-to-get sea creature that live only in deep water, thorn balls have become one of the most precious ingredient in Phú Quốc culinary culture. Thorn balls are renowned for the natural creamy texture and fattiness that overshadow its ghastly appearance. The locals either make porridge from it or have it uncooked with a little wasabi. This is considered a luxurious treat that you should not miss.

Mackerel noodle

In cold rainy days, it is best you have dinner with a hot and delicious bowl of mackerel noodle. Mackerels are filleted, the remaining bones used to make the broth and the noodles homemade by hand. Simplistic as it may seems, the dish requires a high level of seasoning to achieve the delicate and yet, unforgettable flavor.

Tràm Mushroom

[caption id="attachment_249" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Mushroom with seafood Mushroom with seafood[/caption]

In the rainy seasons, the timbers’ barks will fall off and feed the soil, nurturing, at the same time, these precious mushrooms that have become a widely used ingredient in Phu Quoc. The mushroom is best served in form of soup, as its sweetness will be emphasized and thus compliment other toppings. As it is hot and nutritious, the soup is a helpful dose of tonic for the sick and for those who are fatigued after long trips.

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