Phu Quoc exciting night

Phu Quoc exciting night
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Phu Quoc is a very relaxing place; it applies to its nightlife as well. Night time in Phu Quoc is as relaxed as any other, the whole island is a place to just chill out and enjoy the scenery and after dark is no exception – the hypnotic lights from the squid boats at sea are so numerous they look like a galaxy.

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What you expect

These establishments are well-frequented by fun-loving locals, expats, and tourists thanks to their charming service, stylish interiors, and live entertainment such as full moon parties, sports events, bonfires, and dance performances. Alternatively, the Dinh Cau Night Market in Duong Dong is great for sampling authentic local dishes and purchasing souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Phu Quoc Island’s relaxed nightlife scene is ideal for those looking to unwind by the beach after a day of exploring the island. Catering to different budgets, you can find plenty of beachfront bars, wine lounges, late-night restaurants, and vibrant nightclubs offering an extensive range of strong cocktails and imported alcohol until late.

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•    The Ahoy Club is not particularly busy generally but with tourist numbers increasing year on year, its popularity is bound to increase.

•    Beach Bar, Mango Bay Resort is quite an impressive place; swanky is a word that could certainly be applied to it. There is food available ranging from seafood to tapas and salads. You can sip a cocktail while looking over Ong Lang Beach until late each night.

•    Bitter Sweet Bar in Salinda Resort is famous for its cocktails. The background music is not intrusive so it is easy to just relax and chat with family and friends. There is a restaurant elsewhere in the Resort so all you will get here are nuts or popcorn.

•    Coco Bar on Long Beach offers homemade rums and wine with a range of Vietnamese or Western snacks. There is a pool table and board games and the service is excellent.

•    Eden Bar is another beachfront bar heading south down Long Beach. There is plenty of choice in this late-night bar.

•    Happy Buddha Club is a nightclub on Tran Hung Dao Street, Long Beach for those wanting to ‘’party.’’ It is only open at the weekend, currently just Saturday, from 2100 until late. Entry is free and the drinks are inexpensive. The Club plays a variety of music from house to techno, jazz to fusion.

•    Itaco Resto Lounge is largely a tourist place. It serves Mediterranean tapas, a few Asian options and plenty of different alcoholic alternatives. The owner is Spanish, hence the tapas and it is an ideal place for those on a Vietnam honeymoon vacation.

•    Le Bar at La Veranda Resort looks over the Resort’s outdoor swimming pool and the sea. Drinks are not cheap but the surroundings compensate for that. The music helps you relax, especially after a busy day and there are weekly BBQs on Saturdays. You can even have a table on the beach if you wish.

•    Lion Garden Beer Club in Duong Dong is a nightclub with a restaurant and outdoor patio where you can dance to a variety of music. There is local and important beer including Heineken and Tiger. Food includes sausages, ham, pate and spring rolls.

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Cafe may be another choice for you

•    Pho Bo Café overlooks the lighthouse and the Dinh Cau Rock Temple. Drop in at sunset for a great view.

•    Rabbit Hole Irish Bar near the Happy Buddha Club provides sports fans with live events on TV as well as pool and darts. There is plenty of variety in the music played and drinks on offer. One Thursdays, ladies currently get a buy one, get one free on cocktails.

•    Rainbow Bar is on the beach; the sand is under your feet and the roof is thatched. It is French owned and he certainly knows the importance of cold drinks on a hot day.

•    Rory’s Beach Bar has a number of ingredients: a good drinks list, spacious lounge, and definitely wonderful views over the sea. It is not too expensive but that is just one of the reasons for its popularity.  

If you have a few days on Phu Quoc Island, you may want to try quite a few of these. Perhaps you don’t want a really late night because the days are so precious? In any event, the choice is yours after all. It is a great place to visit anytime, and certainly an ideal place to finish your holiday.

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