The Green Boutique Phu Quoc

The Green Boutique Phu Quoc
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Shopping in Phu Quoc is exciting when you visit Green Boutique Store. Green Boutique Phu Quoc specializes in offering a large selection of hand-made skincare and haircare products. If you are in love with nature-inspired products, Green Boutique is a great spot.

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Situated in Tran Hung Dao Street - a main street of Duong Dong town, this store is conveniently accessible within a 15-minute walking.

organic beauty product organic beauty product

What to buy?

Displayed in wooden shelves, you can find beautifully-packaged aromatherapy oils, body lotions and scrubs, soap, massage oils, sunblock, hair masks, and shampoo.  Essential oils such as coconut oil, lavender, and rosemary are imported while sea salt, and sugar as well as powdered potato, pumpkin, and soy bean are locally sourced. All of products are made with natural ingredients so those are chemical-free and preservative-free. Ingredients are locally sourced from trusted wholesalers to ensure the highest level of quality.

Handmade soap Handmade soap

If you have a sensitive skin type or allergic to specific ingredients, just ask sellers to find appropriate products. Staffs have been working here for a long time, all are competent in English and professionally acknowledge of handmade cosmetic. Prices are pretty reasonable (expect to pay US$10 for a 100ml customised facial or body cream).