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Born and bred in Asia, Legend Travel Group is your true go to local on the ground. Legend Travel Group has offices and representatives throughout the world from Amsterdam to Vietnam, Laos to Myanmar and Brazil to India.

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Born and bred in Asia, Legend Travel Group is your true go to local on the ground. Legend Travel Group has offices and representatives throughout the world from Amsterdam to Vietnam, Laos to Myanmar and Brazil to India.

Legend Travel Group obsessively searches, tests, adjusts all their journeys to ensure that customers are ahead of the crowd, get the best quality/price ratio and most importantly experience the trip of your lifetime. What makes them different is their true Asian routes. They know first hand the do’s and don’ts of South East Asia and are here to help guide and advise you all the way. From letting you know the freshest products before you depart to ensuring you are safe and satisfied with our 24/7 on call customer service. They have you covered.

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Amazing Thailand

Amazing certainly sums up Thailand and there is a reason why it is the most visited country in South East Asia as it has some much to offer.

From laid-back beaches boasting filming locations from movies such as The Beach and James Bond to meditating with monks to partying until the sun comes up for full moon there is truly a taste for all ages and personalities.

Not only that it is certainly not a “once in a lifetime destination.” In fact once you have experienced what the taste of Thailand really is she will keep you coming back for more. Experiencing new sites, unique experiences and ultimately forever memories

Kingdom of wonder

Defined by its unique history Cambodia is a South East Asian destination all of its own. The mighty Angkor Wat rises from the jungle, where you can explore the multitude of temples and talk to the many monks readily available to offer you luck along the way. It is one of those special destinations that is a must see once in your life and certainly worth a detour to.

However Cambodia has much more to offer than this imposing complex that is even featured on its flag. Head a bit further and you will me greeted by historical cities, confronted by Cambodia’s past and made to relax on Cambodian beaches away from the Thailand tourist trap.

Let the journey begin in Myanmar

Mighty Myanmar, mainland South East Asia’s largest country and recently opened to the global traveller community is a must visit right now as the majority of the country remains unspoilt and untouched by the throngs of backpackers other destinations such as Thailand are used to.

This stunningly beautiful country allows you to encounter meandering monks and soar high above magnificent temples in your hot air balloon.

Be able to say that you visited the great Myanmar when it was authentic and untouched


Vietnam is a land of multiple contrasts and infamous history. Its slogan hidden charm doesn’t necessarily do itself justice as the majority of the times travelers will turn an alley and be greeted by a new sight smell or experience which they have never seen before.

It is also a land of contrasts. From rising mountains to sleepy beaches, mega metropolises to backwards villages and Rolls Royces to Rickshaw moments. Vietnam truly is a destination to open ones eyes and keep them guessing the majority of times. The long thin S shaped country means that Vietnam offers a variety of climates ensuring that it is a year round destination. Tropical South gives way to white beaches before hitting the mountainous North with rice paddy pastures. Vietnam has something to offer for everyone.

Simply beautiful Laos

Laos is generally visited in combination with one of its mighty neighbours, however this landlocked nation is worth a detour and even a visit as a destination in its own right.

Compared to other countries within South East Asia Laos appears to the naked eye as almost backwards, it has long been isolated from the rest of the world. However this perceived backwardness gives way to what life might of been like in this region of the world before it opened their doors to the throngs of backpackers.

In the land of Laos it is easy to journey off the beaten route and grab a taste of true regional Asia.

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