15 incredible experiences you must try in Phu Quoc Island (part 3)


Phu Quoc island – a charming pearl of Vietnam will make you feel as you are in heaven right at the first moment you get there. Though you can find your own way to enjoy days on this amazing island, these suggestions below can make your holiday even better.

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10. Visit the pepper farm

Producing an incredible 400 tons of the best quality of black pepper each year, Phu Quoc defines black pepper with natural flavor as a key economic strength and a local specialty, helping islanders develop the local economy.

You can find the garden of black pepper all over the central and northern part of the island. It is grown at some hamlets in Phu Quoc like Ganh Gio, Suoi Da, Suoi May and especially at Khu Tuong hamlet.

The farmers here are very friendly and always warmly welcome any visitors coming to their farm to explore the farm and the whole process of producing pepper in detail.

After harvesting, ripe pepper is dried out in the sun, at least, ten days and then it is selected carefully for the next process that makes pepper in Phu Quoc have its own outstanding flavor and quality.

Coming to pepper garden, tourists can not only see with their own eyes how farmers grow pepper but also learn the traditional method of growing pepper to have a special local plant specialty. Tourists can also buy pepper grown at gardens.

Tip: You’ve better buy black pepper because they had scraped the peppers’ skin to turn it to white pepper. That process reduced the quality of peppers.

Ganh Dau cape via vietnam Coracle 

11. Go fishing with fisherman

Phu Quoc offers many adventurous tours that draw lots of people especially foreign tourists. This island is famous for diverse pieces of fish that provide plentiful ingredients to create the most unique and well-known fish sauce. Therefore, fishing on a boat is the most attractive activity here. Take part in this activity you will have an opportunity to explore the infinite ocean, spend all day long to watch the fishermen doing their jobs and learn how to catch fish. Catching a big groper by yourself is not the most interesting things in this tour until your attainment is severed on a boat.

12.Visit Phu Quoc prison

Located on An Thoi town, Phu Quoc jail or Coconut Tree Prison is one of the most famous spots on Phu Quoc island. You can learn about war crime of American imperialism as well as the severe pains Vietnamese prisoners suffering in the past. The lively statues and exhibits like torture tools or spiked cages were set up to help tourists have a closest view and understanding of history. Go and find out Phu Quoc jail – a historical monument of Viet Nam.

13. Explore Da Ngon stream

Not many tourists know about this attraction; however, once you get there, you will be enchanted by its gorgeous landscape. Da Ngon stream is in the northeast part of Phu Quoc island near Duong Dong lake with seven amazing waterfalls. Being favored by nature, Da Ngon stream is different from many other streams, the water here impetuously rumbles down in both rainy season and dry season. It is an ideal place for activities like picnic, climbing, exploring primeval forest and spring baths. If you are an adventurer, this is the best thing for those daring themselves of adventurous challenges. Apart from swallowing in the cool and clear spring, you can also make the most of Jacuzzi lake – an only one natural lake in Phu Quoc.

Tip: You should come to Da Ngon stream in dry season from November to April because it’s quite dangerous and the waterfall runs very fast in rainy season.

Pearl in Peral island via youtube

14. Enjoy day at Dai beach

Dai beach is in the west of Phu Quoc island, and it is an indispensable place for every trip to Phu Quoc. This beach with 1500 meters in length is ranked as one of the most 13 beautiful beaches in the world. Different from other beaches, Dai beach has a natural golden sandy beach with the beautiful of a uncultivated feature. This is a heaven for those who want to escape from a noisy place and enjoy the sunshine, blue sea and fresh air. From here, tourists can also get to Turtle island which is known as the wonderful destination of coral diving.

15. Get yourself some pearls from pearl island

Phu Quoc is the island of pearls. It is quite true when Phu Quoc is the center of producing high-quality pearls in Viet Nam. The pearl farming industry in Phu Quoc has developed and applied modern techniques for more than 20 years. Phu Quoc is so popular for pearls and pearl based jewelry. You can find pearl rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets here shinier than they are in other places. Pearls are various in shape, size and color. The bigger pearls, the longer time oysters have to be raised under the sea water. And the colors can be white, black, yellow and pink.

Phu Quoc is always listed as an appealing attraction to tourists. No matter how long you stay in Phu Quoc, you can be happily surprised by its charm. Now, it’s time for you to get lost in this paradise on Earth.

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