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Destinations in Hon Thom Island wiil show for tourists a lot of famous places to see such as May Rut Islet, Gam Ghi Island, Ong Doi Cape, Natural Beauty Of Mong Tay Island, Bai Vong Beach, Vung Bau Beach and Swallow bird island in Phu Quoc.

Top spots for wedding photography in Phu Quoc (Part 1)

wedding photograghy
Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year when temperature begins to fall and leaf color is a phenomenon.

Da Ba Waterfall

Da Ban waterfall Phu Quoc
Da Ba waterfall is a tourist destination “Well hidden, the long journey here involves bumpy dirt roads with no signage, but is worth the effort....

Cua Can Beach

Cua Can beach
Even if you never find the elusive beach which goes by the same name, Cua Can village is a true tropical delight with its...

Phu Quoc Bee Farm

Bee farm
Phu Quoc Bee Farm is the ecological farm invested from 2014 in Phu Quoc. As the first ecological honey bee farm in Phu Quoc Island...

Pearl Farms in Phu Quoc

High quality items featuring South Sea pearls can be purchased from one of the islands pearl shops – the price tags match the quality...

Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Nguyen Trung Truc temple
Nguyen Trung Truc was born in Long An province, the South of Viet nam on 1837. He was the leader of the insurrection against...

Khem Beach

Khem beach
Lined with sugary white sand, Khem Beach is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island. Up until now tourists...

Cashew nut plantations & Mount Chua

Cashew nut plantations
Phu Quoc Scenic views include some of the best sights that nature has to offer, from the many waterfalls to the variety of plantations...

Ham Ninh Beach

Ham Ninh beach
On the east coast of Phu Quoc opposite Duong Dong is this tropical beauty, a beach with a dramatic mountain backdrop. Phu Quoc has...

May Rut Islet

May Rut islet
May Rut is a small islet located about 10km southwest of Phu Quoc, in An Thoi town. May Rut islet is armed with beautiful...