Tourist Attractions In Phu Quoc

Tourist Attractions In Phu Quoc
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Phu Quoc Scenic views include some of the best sights that nature has to offer, from the many waterfalls to the variety of plantations on the island.

Suoi Da Ban (waterfall)

[caption id="attachment_198" align="aligncenter" width="517"]Da Ban Waterfall Da Ban Waterfall[/caption]

Located about 6kms east of Duong Dong Town, this is a pleasant place for a swim, to cool down in the numerous rock pools and enjoy the surrounding vegetation, though we recommend you bring some mosquito repellent if you are staying around for a picnic. Suoi Da Ban is named after the many table like rock formations that make up what is actually a white water stream tumbling across large and interesting granite boulders.

To find Suoi Da Ban, take the northerly road from Duong Dong toward Bai Thom or Ganh Dau and look out for signs (turning right) to Suoi Da Ban that can be seen after about 1 or 2 kms from Duong Dong Town. Admission to the stream is 1000d, motorbike 1000d.

Suoi Tranh (waterfall)

[caption id="attachment_199" align="aligncenter" width="520"]Suoi Tranh Suoi Tranh[/caption]

Located about 7kms southeast of Duong Dong Town, after a short 15 minute stroll along the shaded forest path you reach what is the islands largest string of waterfalls and rock pools, also a good place for a swim when the falls are flowing, because the stream tends to dry up before the rainy season arrives each year. The entrance to Suoi Tranh contains large concrete status, fake waterfall and large wood carved signed, though the walk to the actual waterfall is worthwhile, even to just experience the dense vegetation.

To find Suoi Tranh, take the road heading east from Duong Dong for about 7kms toward Ham Ninh Village and look out for a large wood carved sign and concrete status in what could be mistaken for an unfinished inland resort. Travel inside to the small kiosk and walk from there. Admission to the stream is 1000d and motorbike is 1000d, however this is not always enforced or collected.

Pepper plantations

[caption id="attachment_202" align="aligncenter" width="517"]Phu Quoc Pepper Phu Quoc Pepper[/caption]

Phu Quoc produces over an incredible 400 tonnes of the best quality black pepper each year. You’ll find pepper plantations mostly around the central and northern parts of the island and most farmers won’t mind you stopping to take photo’s or viewing these amazing storks of pepper trees or the drying pepper. Organised tours also visit the Khu Tuong pepper gardens for a close look at the pepper gardens and cover the overall harvesting and drying process.

Vietnam is the leading global exporter of Black peppercorns with the best quality black pepper in Vietnam coming from Phu Quoc with big solid corns. Phu Quoc currently produces in excess of 400 tonnes of pepper every year, with the main harvesting season running from February through to July, however you can visit the farms all year round.

Peppercorn farmers have been struggling recently due to lower world pepper prices so some farmers are switching to other crops such as the Myrtle fruit for wine production which bring in more money.

Cashew nut plantations

[caption id="attachment_201" align="aligncenter" width="517"]Cashew Nut Cashew Nut[/caption]

Another lesser known food that is grown in a fair abundance on Phu Quoc is the cashew nut. If you travel to the more remoter parts of the north around Bai Thom you're likely to see all the cashew nut tree with there hugh pear shaped husks when in season and the far smaller cashew nut attached at the end. Harvesting and picking the nuts is very manual intensive work, however it's interesting seeing all these trees.

Mount Chua

Mount Chua at 603 meters is the highest mountain on Phu Quoc and forms part of the Ham Ninh sandstone chain of mountains that stretch for 30km along the eastern edge of Phu Quoc. There are plans in future to build a walking trail up to a lookout at the top of the Mount Chua. The views over the national park and the island should be excellent.

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