Swallow bird island in Phu Quoc

Swallow bird island in Phu Quoc
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Nhan Island (Swallow bird island) in Phu Quoc District in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang resembles a ship carrying white stones sailing on the blue waters of the sea with swallows flying above.

Visitors leave the wharf in Ham Ninh Commune to travel for over 14 hours to reach Tho Chau Commune. There they transfer on to a motorboat to continue on to Nhan Island for a 10-minute ride.

Hundreds of swallows hover all over the island, which are often seen dipping into the sea to catch anchovy. There are no trees on the island but only stones piled up to create shallow caves which are place for their habitat, nesting and breeding from lunar June to October annually.

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A swallow lays only one or two eggs on the stones or in the small caves. It does not hatch eggs like other species of birds do but keeps a close watch on its eggs for a month until the chicks hatch. Then the swallow flies out frequently to look for food to feed her young.

During the breeding season, visitors have to be very careful not to step onto swallow eggs, which are the same color as the stones.

When the breeding season is over, from lunar November to March, the swallows migrate from the island only to return during the next breeding season.

Visiting Nhan Island is also an opportunity for tourists to bathe in the pure blue waters, or deep-sea dive and collect colorful and uniquely shaped corals. They can also sit around the white stones or go fishing for cuttlefish in a serene atmosphere filled with the chirping of swallows.