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Destinations in Hon Thom Island wiil show for tourists a lot of famous places to see such as May Rut Islet, Gam Ghi Island, Ong Doi Cape, Natural Beauty Of Mong Tay Island, Bai Vong Beach, Vung Bau Beach and Swallow bird island in Phu Quoc.

Rach Tram Beach

Rach Tram beach
Rach Tram Beach, or in Vietnamese Bãi Rạch Tràm lies to the north of Phu Quoc Island near the fishing village Rach Tram. Like Rach...

An Thoi deserted island – a mysterious paradise of Phu Quoc

Secluded cove, soft white sand, sparkling turquoise waters, tropical coral reThere is one place in Vietnam that is always ranked as top of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. That is Phu Quoc Island – the pearl island which is best-known for its spectacular, diverse and pristine natural scenery. However, Kien Giang land is not only famous for the sea paradise Phu Quoc, but also known for the deserted but poetic and lyrical attraction of An Thoi Islands. Let’s explore the mysterious temptation of the deserted An Thoi Islands with Dailytravel in this article. On the south-east coast of Phu Quoc is the port town of An Thoi, a major rival to Duong Dong as the tourism capital of the island. An Thoi is famed among divers for its numerous coral reefs and mesmerizing tropical fish. Popular pastimes here include fishing, snorkelling and boating. For all its beauty today, however, An Thoi was once hell on earth for generations of political prisoners and revolutionaries at the euphemistically named Coconut Tree Prisonef, no people – sound too good to be true? You actually won’t find this on Phu Quoc. To discover paradise, escape to the An Thoi islands, an archipelago of 15 islands and islets just off the southern coast of Phu Quoc.

Vung Bau Beach

Vung Bau Beach
Vung Bau Beach (Bai Vung Bau), also known as “Circling Beach”, is beautiful crescent shaped semi-wild beach located in the north western part of...

Coi Nguon Museum

Coi Nguon Museum
Coi Nguon Museum is one of the largest private collections in Vietnam and definitely worth a visit if you are interested in the history,...

Ho Quoc Pagoda

Ho Quoc pagoda
The Ho Quoc Pagoda (also known as Chua Ho Quoc or Truc Lam Ho Quoc) is a new Buddhist temple on Phu Quoc Island...

A Traditional Fish Sauce Factory

Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Factory
For a completely unique experience visit one of the many fish sauce distilleries in either Duong Dong or An Thoi towns. Phu Quoc is...

Historical & Cultural Sites Of Phu Quoc

Cao Dai Temple
Phu Quoc Island has numerous historic and cultural sites that are worthy of a visit, also located around the island and dotted around Duong...

Discover Pristine Beauty Of Ham Ninh Fishing Village

On the islands east coast lies Ham Ninh, a quaint and sleepy fishing village. The locals will be pleased to see you, especially if...

Top spots for wedding photography in Phu Quoc (Part 2)

Duong Dong beach
Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year when temperature begins to fall and leaf color is a phenomenon. It’s that time of year again: wedding season.

Cashew nut plantations & Mount Chua

Cashew nut plantations
Phu Quoc Scenic views include some of the best sights that nature has to offer, from the many waterfalls to the variety of plantations...