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The commune of Hon Thom was founded in 2003 with a total area of 571 hectares, including 18 small and large islands with a population of over 2076 people. In particular, Hon Thom Island has the largest area of about 5.7 square km with the natural advantage for tourism, exploiting and aquaculture. The group Island of Hon Thom Commune has great potentials and advantages for economic development, investment attraction, population distribution and road building.

In the North of the Hon Thom Island are numerous undulating cliffs where sea waves hit the shore making beautiful white foams. In the middle of the islands are ranges of green coconut trees stretching so far away. The Island is surrounded by a lot of beautiful, pristine islands, which is very convenient for travel, fishing, diving, and swimming. In addition, those who are adventurous can conquer stone slopes at the fall, or join squid fishing with fisherman.

Tourists can also take a 10 minute boat from Hon Thom to visit the squid fishing village where at night locals often go squid fishing together. And they are willing to be your guide to show the way they do squid fishing and process local dishes for you.

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